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Mengyi Qian is an independent graphic designer and web designer/developer. Recently graduated from Yale School of Art MFA Graphic Design. Currently living in New Haven.

→ All at Once (2021)

All at Once brings together the work of this year’s Yale School of Art Graphic Design MFA graduating class through a unique merging of the physical and the virtual of our current environment. From April 22 to April 28, a continuously evolving live feed of work was broadcasted 24/7 at—while the physical show was on view in person at Green Hall Gallery. The website now is an archived version of the exhibition.

(Exhibition designed with Milo Bonacci, Bianca Ibarlucea, Furqan Jawed, Jun Jung and Minhwan Kim.)

→ To Hear No Echo (2021)

The Yale School of Art is pleased to announce the Sculpture Graduate Thesis Exhibition, To Hear No Echo, presenting works by MFA candidates Armando Cortés, Sae Jun Kim, Jeenho Seo, Hyeree Ro, Freddy Villalobos, and Stella Zhong. The exhibiton identity design also includes a printed floorplan.

(Collabration with Minhwan Kim)

→ Vague Clarendon (2021)

Based on Craw Clarendon, Vague Clarendon is more smooth and mild, without any sharp corner. Some of the terminals are redesigned with the intention to create a in-between state.

(Source material: Craw Clarendon Book)

→ City Of Order (2020)

City Of Order is a space for virtual citizens, a digital cemetery, and a social experiment.

→ A Daily Check (2020)

Belonging to a community, sometimes an everyday check-in or a survey is required. You can contribute to a collective identity by submitting a form on A Daily Check. The outcome is generated from the average of all the submissions.

→ Love On The Cloud (2020)

Love On The Cloud is programmed as a bot/human named Mengyi that is talking to anyone who connects. The website is a simulation of having an online crush.

→ Readable Touches (2020)

Readable Touches are 4 objects that translate how feeling a thing look like.

→ Point To The Pointer (2020)

The mouse is a tool we navigate through the space on the screen, and the pointer is the interface of the mouse. They’re our prosthesis, and always have to be “humble”.

the mouse has to disappear in order to work, unseen and unfelt” --Mark Wigley is a study on the input devices. I sorted pointing devices into 9 categories in the form of a grid, that allows the user to navigate in replace of the pointer.

1. navigator: A pointer on mobile device (open in the private browser if not working)
2. locator: To navigate with the missing pointer

→ Typing Time (2020) is a typing game that reflects the perception of time.

→ (non)fiction (2019)

Can someone’s movement be repeated by themselves? Are actors aware of their acting and people aware of their behaving? Are we acting or behaving under a gaze? This video (non)fiction shows these two states of our body, natural and unnatural, aware and unaware. The video on the left is a hidden camera. On the right is when people are told to react the movement in front of the camera.

Based on the video, a pair of books was also printed.

→ Simples Larges (2019)

Simples Larges is a sans-serif typeface based on it’s origin by a French type foundry Deberny & Peignot.

Download the specimen here.

→ Chen Xiangyun (2019)

A website for a photographer Chen Xiangyun to display her work and a blog for writing.

→ Yuck! (2019)

Yuck! is Paprika! vol.5 no.6, a publication of Yale School Of Architecture.

(with Sam Wood)

→ A Textbook (2017)

A Textbook is a collection of my old textbook images that has 628 pages.

allatonce-1 allatonce-2 tohearnoechoidentity vagueclarendon cityoforder adailycheck loveonthecloud readabletouches pointtothepointer navigator locator typingtimeonline nonfiction nonfictionbooks simpleslarges specimen chenxiangyun yuck textbook